Privacy Notice

Any personal data collected by SCAPE through the website and app, and in events and activities, will be used solely for the purpose stated, will not be passed on to third parties, and will be managed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to this privacy notice, please contact us; Telephone: 01334 462904; Address: The SCAPE Trust, St Katharine’s Lodge, The Scores, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AL.

What data is collected and how is it used?

When you register on our website or on our app as a SCAPE volunteer you will need to provide your name, email address and create a username. If you participate in activities organised by us, we may also ask for additional demographic information. We use this data for the following purposes:

  1. Where we need to contact you in relation to materials you have submitted, for example if we have a question about it, or if you request a new password.
  2. To credit you, with your username, as the creator of your contribution on our website and the project database.
  3. To deal with your enquiries and requests.
  4. To conduct internal record keeping and analysis, for example about participation levels. Records and analysis will be presented as anonymous or aggregated information and will not reveal any personal information about individuals.
  5. Your name and email address do not appear on the records you submit and are not shared with anyone else.

When you submit a record through the website or through the app, we collect GPS locations, date and time of surveys, photographs, written observations, and other survey metadata. We use this data for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfil our research objectives to improve understanding of the character, condition and vulnerability of Scotland’s coastal heritage resource.
  2. In providing results of the research and information about Scotland’s coastal heritage resource for project partners and anyone who has a legitimate reason for requesting it.
  3. To illustrate and promote aspects of the project on our websites, social media, other media and in publications arising from the results of the project. Your username will be used to credit your contributions if we feature them.

Where is the data held and for how long?

  1. We store your name and email address data in a secure database on our website which can only be accessed by SCAPE employees. We only retain your identity and contact data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes it was collected for.
  2. The survey records you submit via the app and the website will be held in several locations and indefinitely. The primary database will be held in a secure online database which populates the information on the Sites at Risk website map and SCAPE app. From this, site records can be exported for use in other applications for research and analysis, for example, for integration into the project Geographic Information System (GIS).

Who will have access to the data and for what purpose?

  1. SCAPE Trust officers have access to all the primary data submitted. They will moderate surveys before publishing them on the website and app where they will be publicly available to facilitate widest possible access to Scotland’s coastal heritage information. The moderated database will be shared with anyone with a research or management interest in the data, for example, Historic Environment Scotland, NatureScot, Local Authorities and Coastal Fora. Findings will be made available in a range of outputs including reports, presentations, blog post, magazines, social media, academic papers, leaflets, policy briefs etc. This will promote wider understanding of the value of the coastal heritage resource in Scotland and improve the evidence base for development of policy and strategic management of the resource.


  1. We only use cookies essential to the functioning of a website. These are to protect against malicious data submission and to assist users in moving around the website. Cookies are text files which identify users’ computers to our server. The website then creates “session” cookies to store some of the preferences of users moving around the website.

Other websites

  1. Our website contains links to other websites that are outside our control and are not covered by this Privacy Notice. If you access other sites using the links provided, the operators of these sites may collect information from you that will be used by them in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours.

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