Our pick of the many films we have made with you over the years which you can explore on the CoastArch vimeo and Youtube channels

Fethaland was one of the busiest fishing stations in Shetland. In this short film, historic images accompany Douglas Murray’s description of the small village that he was born in.

Representatives of heritage organisations form the USA and Scotland join members of the local community on Sanday, Orkney to discuss the loss of heritage due to climate change and natural processes.

Volunteers from the community on Sanday share their experience of excavating and relocating a prehistoric building threatened by the sea. Watch how they did it and the surprises that they found during the excavation.

Dr David Strange-Walker introduces RTI, the cheap, easy, yet incredibly powerful way to record inscriptions and rock art. This video is part of our ‘Ask an Expert’ series.

Members of the community introduce a high speed music video of the excavation of the eroding site at Loch Paible, North Uist.

The Wemyss Caves have been studied for centuries, with many of the great Scottish antiquarians visiting at one time or another. This short film humorously tells the story of these early endeavours.

A music video showing the excavation at Baile Sear, an Iron Age site uncovered on a North Uist beach after a storm.

An animated story presenting the results of the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project

The story of a newly discovered Shetland broch told by those who took part in the excavations.

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