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SCAPE works with the public to research, investigate, interpret and promote the archaeology of Scotland’s coast

Tom Dawson started his archaeological career as a volunteer, providing him with a passion for making archaeology accessible to all. He has worked on sites around the world and for the last 20 years, has managed SCAPE where he has helped develop new ways to approach old problems.

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Joanna Hambly has worked with SCAPE since 2009. She first came across archaeology as a 17 year old when a friend talked her into volunteering on a dig in Winchester. Joanna develops and manages many of SCAPE’s activities and is an advocate of integrating archaeological research with public participation

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Juliette Mitchell has a background in History, Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Her recent PhD research focused on early medieval barrow and cairn cemeteries and their wider funerary landscapes and since then she has worked in commercial archaeology.

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