Sites at Risk

First-hand information about the condition of coastal heritage is the best way of building knowledge about how coastal processes are affecting archaeological sites. The information has a very practical application in identifying sites that need action to rescue archaeological information and is also important for research into how climate change may be influencing coastal processes.

Between 2012 and 2016, hundreds of volunteers involved in the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project carried out condition surveys to update records of coastal heritage sites around Scotland threatened by erosion. As a result of this work we have been able prioritise the most vulnerable coastal heritage sites across Scotland.

Why your help is important

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We need to continue monitoring and recording coastal heritage sites, building on this important data to better understand coastal change over time. We need your help to achieve this.

Volunteer with us

If you are new to us, register as a volunteer and get started by exploring the Sites at Risk Map to see priorities in your local area. There’s also a free ShoreUpdate app for Android and Apple. The SCHARP website will give you all the information you need to set you on your way as a coastal heritage surveyor.

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