Join us in coastal heritage surveys of your local area

Each year we plan walks along changing coastlines around Scotland to update coastal heritage records. We welcome volunteers joining in the surveys. They are very enjoyable ways of discovering the hidden history of your coast and sharing your knowledge of it with others. The results of the surveys are submitted to Scotland’s regional and national historic environment databases.

Plans for 2024

We are planning surveys in Harris, Kintyre and Stronsay in 2024. If you are local to these areas and would like to be kept informed, please email Joanna

You’ll find reports of our 2022 and 2023 surveys in Highland, Moray, Aberdeenshire, Stronsay, South Ayrshire and Loch Ryan on the Reports pages now.

What’s involved?

The surveys involve walking the coast and using the SCAPE app to update records of existing sites and record new ones. We organise walks to coincide with low tides. We walk around 6-8km of coastline and are out for about 5 hours.  The surveys will vary in ease of access and terrain. If you register your interest, we will tell you about the detailed routes and times a week or two before a survey so that you can choose which ones you would like to join. No experience is required, and we will help you out with everything you need to know.

Start exploring now

To start exploring coastal heritage sites in your area now, register as a user on the Sites at Risk page. Then download the free SCAPE app for Android and iOS to access and contribute to information about all sites on the coastal heritage database when you’re on the coast.

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