The investigation of the eroding site at Sandwick, Unst in Shetland was completed in 2007. The project, managed by The SCAPE Trust, brought together members of the Unst Amateur Archaeology Group, archaeologists from the Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (GUARD) and members of other Shorewatch groups. The open area excavation revealed several stone-built structures which ran along the present coast edge. A well-preserved skeleton with a stone disk by its head and some rings and beads by its left arm were also found. The excavation was open to the public, and in addition to giving talks and arranging an open day, local schools were invited to participate in the dig.

In order to reach a wider audience, a website dedicated to the excavation was also set up. A comprehensive image gallery is included on the site, which can be viewed at www.shorewatch.co.uk/unst.

After the excavation was finished, the site was Ďadoptedí by the Unst Amateur Archaeology Group as part of Archaeology Scotlandís Adopt-a-Monument scheme. The structures were rebuilt by local specialists and group members are now looking after the site. A parking area and path to the site and beach has been improved by Shetland Isles Council and an interpretation panel is soon to be installed.