Rescue Dig of the Year Award 2012
SCAPE was awarded the prestigious Current Archaeology Rescue Dig of the Year Award - so a big thank you to everyone who voted. Tom Dawson collected the trophy at the Award Ceremony at the Senate House, University of London, on March 2nd. Read more here.

AIA Awards
SCAPE and the Clyne Heritage Society are delighted to have received the Association of Industrial Archaeology's Main (volunteer) Fieldwork and Recording Award, 2010 for our Brora Saltpans project.
Our collaborative recording of the 18th century limekilns at Boddin Point, with Queens University Belfast, was also recognised by the Association of Industrial Archaeologist awards coming runner up in the professional project category.

SCAPE's work on the BBC
The BBC's Gaelic TV channel, BBC Alba, has aired a programme about Scotland's eroding archaeology. Featuring several SCAPE projects and interviews with participants, and some original film taken during the the Sandwick excavation by SCAPE, the programme can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer.
Please note, the programme is no longer available [posted May 2010]

Laser scanning survey at Boddin Point underway
A laser scan survey of the eroding limekiln at Boddin Point, Angus, is underway. The site featured in a recent BBC News item about SCAPE (click here to view). The survey is being directed by John Meneely of Queen’s University, Belfast on behalf of SCAPE. The survey, sponsored by Historic Scotland, will produce a 3D model of the structure, allowing elevation, section and plans to be drawn. These can then be used to help monitor change and plan for the future. [posted Feb 2010]

Brora Salt Pans excavation report, 2009, available for download
The report of the 2009 excavation at the eroding salt pans, Brora, is now ready to download from the Brora website. The Data Structure report, written by Janet Hooper, Joanna Hambly and Jacqueline Aitken, provides the preliminary results of the community excavation. A final season of work, funded by Historic Scotland, is planned for 2010 . [posted Feb 2010]

Survey of the coast of East Sutherland
A survey of the coast of East Sutherland is being undertaken on behalf of SCAPE by GUARD. The survey, sponsored by Historic Scotland, will be completed in March 2010. It will report on the stability of the coast and will provide a gazetteer of all archaeological sites located within 100m of the coast edge. The finished report will be made available on the publications page of the SCAPE website. [posted Feb 2010]

Brora Saltpans Excavation
Plenty of new information and some exciting finds were recovered in the latest season of field work on the Brora saltpans project, which finished at the end of August. Updates to the Brora website will be made soon. [posted Sept 2009]

SCAPE in the News
The race against time and tide for the world heritage site of Skara Brae in Orkney and the dramatic Boddin Point limekilns on the Angus coast were both featured on the BBC news this summer. To see the Boddin Point news item, click here. To see the Skara Brae news item, click here. [posted Aug 2009]

Loch Hourn Survey 2009
The North of Scotland Archaeology Society (NoSAS) completed a final season of survey at Loch Hourn in April 2009. The team members based themselves in Arnisdale and explored the Outer Loch. The work continues on from surveys in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007. The project was funded by Historic Scotland and managed by SCAPE. The fieldwork has been conducted in tandem with extensive archival research and the team members, under the leadership of John Wombell, will complete the report for this year's survey and make plans to analyse the data they have collected. [posted May 2009]

Coastal Survey, Angus
A Coastal Zone Assessment Survey of the coast of Angus was undertaken by SCAPE in February 2009. The first phase was a full desk-based assessment, using information from the Sites and Monuments Record (in Aberdeen) and the National Monuments Record (held by the RCAHMS). Old maps, historical texts and excavation reports were also checked, together with aerial photographs. The information was added to a database and plotted onto maps using GIS. The second phase saw surveyors walking the entire Angus coast from Monifieth (near Dundee) to Milton Ness (just over the border in Aberdeenshire). The reports for the two phases of work have been completed and will be placed on the SCAPE website in the near future. [posted April 2009]