The SCAPE Trust is working with members of the Clyne Heritage Society and others to excavate eroding remains at Brora, Sutherland. The site, some sixty miles north of Inverness, is associated with Britainís most northerly coal mine, and includes walling thought to be from the salt pans. The scars of bell pits are visible behind the dunes, while large stone walls are visible on the beach. The remains have been monitored by members of the local community over many years, and photographs and plans demonstrate the speed at which parts of the site are being destroyed. The eroding stone walls are possibly parts of the salt pans built by Lady Jane Gordon in 1598. If so, the structures would be very early examples of a type of industrial monument that became hugely important for Scotlandís economy. The first phase of work involved CFA Archaeology mapping all of the industrial remains in the area and determining the nature and extent of buried structures. Information recovered helped in the preparation of an excavation strategy and work started in August 2007. It is hoped that more information can be recovered from parts of the site before its total destruction. Click here to view a new website about the excavation, designed by SCAPE using text and images supplied by the Clyne Heritage Society.